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Columbia Political Science, Statistics, Data Science, Journalism, and VoxGov want to see what stories you can discover in the runup to this year's election.

voxgov does multiple daily scrapes of government internet sources and makes the information it obtains available in a massive searchable database. The data that voxgov will provide include over 1 million documents from all contested U.S. House, Senate, and gubernatorial races, as well as the presidential race.  The documents include social media content from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and official campaign press releases.

This data offers the opportunity to study the dynamics of elections in new ways.  Social media represents a vast new frontier in how candidates for political office interact with potential voters.  Yet we know almost nothing systematically about how candidates and campaigns are using this new mode of interaction, nor do we know much about how social media might be changing the nature of elections in democracies.

These questions will be addressed using the modern tools of data science, with a key focus on producing stories and visualizations that help to distill an enormous amount of information into forms that are accessible to broad audiences.  The collaboration with voxgov promises to be an innovative way to showcase the interplay between journalism, data science, political science, and statistics and to demonstrate how such interdisciplinary efforts can give us new perspectives on political and social phenomena.

Applications are due by October, 23, 2016.